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Jacqueline & Janneke are walking the Nijmeegse vierdaagse collecting money for
the Abba Toon Leus school in Dharrito (see:

Our visit: a journey with a mission

Friday October 26th: Doquolle.

The drive

The drive to Doquolle takes 2,5-3 hours. We drive 70 kilometres on a paved road. The last 32 kilometres we drive on a sandy path. It is a beautiful, sometimes rough and bumpy, drive. We see some beautiful animals, like camels and baboons.

The arrival

The arrival in Doquolle is very special. There are maybe about hundred (school-) children waiting for us to welcome us. They are singing and clapping, while they are walking with us to the village. We meet Vince and Renatus again. They are working in Doquolle, also in the school. Today a goat is butchered for us. Just like yesterday a piece of the skin of the goat is put around our hands/arms.

The ceremony

The people of Doquolle have gathered together to welcome us. Also in Doquolle Abba Toon is praised and honoured by the people. Vince introduces us to the people of Doquolle. To thank the people for their warm welcome Joop and Ben say thanks to them.

The lunch

They serve a very nice lunch. We drink some sodas and talk about Abba Toon.

The guided tour

After the lunch ‘guide’ Renatus shows us around at the area of the school. They have realised nice buildings for the school. There is also a beautiful church, in which Abba Toon also has done some masses.
The visit to Doquolle was short, but very impressive. We were welcomed very hearty and warm. We’ll never forget this visit.

The evening

After driving 3,5 hours, we are back in Dadim. After diner and talking for a while, everyone goes to bed. Again, it was a very special day.
On the way to Doquolle.On the way to Doquolle.
Boniface`s elephant rockBoniface`s elephant rock
Still on the way to Doquolle.Still on the way to Doquolle.
A hostel along the road.A hostel along the road.
The welcome in Doquolle, 1.The welcome in Doquolle, 1.
The welcome in Doquolle, 2.The welcome in Doquolle, 2.
A meedicha is given to us.A meedicha is given to us.
Father Renatus, always happy.Father Renatus, always happy.
The first song.The first song.
Father Vince is introducing us.Father Vince is introducing us.
Important words spoken by an important man.Important words spoken by an important man.
A beautiful speach.A beautiful speach.
Joop says a few words.Joop says a few words.
Ben too.Ben too.
Some nice goat meat.Some nice goat meat.
Children of Doquolle.Children of Doquolle.
The church.The church.
Jack talking to the children in Doquolle.Jack talking to the children in Doquolle.
A class room.A class room.
Father Renatus shows the distance between the Netherlands and Ethiopia.Father Renatus shows the distance between the Netherlands and Ethiopia.
In the library we find an (old) dictionary of Abba Toon.In the library we find an (old) dictionary of Abba Toon.
Renatus is proud of the flowers in his office.Renatus is proud of the flowers in his office.
The dormitories.The dormitories.
A beautiful setting.A beautiful setting.
Group photo!Group photo!
Back to Dadim.Back to Dadim.