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Jacqueline & Janneke are walking the Nijmeegse vierdaagse collecting money for
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Our visit: a journey with a mission

Tuesday October 23rd: Dadim. Visiting the clinic, the grave, the school and drinking coffee.

Visiting the clinic and the grave

Today we have breakfast at 8.45 a.m.. We're going to visit the clinic in Dadim. Little children are vaccinated here. Today there is an anti-polio-programme. We hand out some of the clothes we brought with us from friends and family in the Netherlands. Collette shows us the rooms for delivery and the examination rooms. After visiting the clinic we go to see the grave of Abba Toon for the first time. Tari, one of the catechists, speaks well of Abba Toon. He was good for the people, especially for the children and the sick.

Visiting the school

We go back to the missionary house to drink some coffee and tea. We hand out some things we took with us from the Netherlands. Father Boniface is very happy with the footballs. We're visiting the school of Dadim. When we walk into the classroom, all children stand up. Father Boniface tells us the school of Dadim is the best in the area (of the country?).
After lunch, sister Collette is talking about Abba Toon. She tells us about the way Abba Toon and Iede started to preach the Gospel in Ethiopia. The first years, they only lived together with the people and got to know the people very well. After that they started thinking about spreading the Gospel. A very good approach. Unfortunately, it was an approach that the Bishop didn't like.


At 4.00 p.m. we're visiting a family where a baby was born 5 days ago. There is another warm welcome when we arrive there. We shake a lot of hands and give and get some great hugs. The house (hut) that the baby is in, is (in our opinion) very small and dark. But a lot of people fit in the house. We feel like some attraction, because of all the attention we get here. The children near the house are really enjoying looking at the digital pictures we're taking of them.
Then it's time for the coffee-ceremony. The coffee is blessed, roasted and prepared. We're all a little afraid of drinking the coffee. The idea of getting sick the few days we're spending in Ethiopia keeps us from drinking much of the coffee. But maybe we're a little bit overcareful. After the coffee the Borana people are dancing, singing and clapping. Very cheerful and very excited.
Then it's time to say goodbye. Along the way to the missionary house, a lot of people are greeting us and waving to us. Back in the house, we drink a gin, beer, some wine, some soda, ...

The night

Collette tells us a woman died in the village. She was found dead. She was found in the water. It sounds horrible. The woman will be buried tomorrow.
For diner we have some delicious mashed potatoes, carrots, lentils, chicken, beef and salad. After diner we talk with Boniface about visiting the Netherlands. He doesn't know whether he's able to do that. Next year, he wants to join Big Brother Africa....
At 10.15 p.m. the day is finished for us. A day full of new, wonderful impressions.

Welcome to DadimWelcome to Dadim
Walking to the hospital.Walking to the hospital.
In the hospital.In the hospital.
In the hospital.In the hospital.
Children in DadimChildren in Dadim
Children in DadimChildren in Dadim
The graveThe grave
The footballs are preparedThe footballs are prepared
Visiting the schoolVisiting the school
Visiting the schoolVisiting the school
Visiting the schoolVisiting the school
The skyline of DadimThe skyline of Dadim
On the way to the little baby.On the way to the little baby.
The 5 year old baby and his grandmotherThe 5 year old baby and his grandmother
The hut of the little baby.The hut of the little baby.
First part of the coffee-ceremony.First part of the coffee-ceremony.
Singing and dancingSinging and dancing
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