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Jacqueline & Janneke are walking the Nijmeegse vierdaagse collecting money for
the Abba Toon Leus school in Dharrito (see:

Our visit: a journey with a mission

Monday October 22nd: Addis Abeba - Lake Langano

Leaving Lake Langano

Today we have breakfast at 8.00 a.m.. We leave Lake Langano at 9.30 a.m.. Along the way we see some ostriches and a marabou.


We stop in Awasa at 11 a.m.. Vince and Iede have to take care of some business here. We barely escape from a warm welcome from some monkeys in the trees...
We have lunch at a Total restaurant in Awasa. We meet a good friend of Abba Toon here. He is still very sad about the death of Abba Toon. He filmed at the book presentation of Abba Toon's Borana book.
At 1.30 p.m. we leave Awasa. Along the way we see a lot of coffee trees and banana trees (without bananas). The (fake-)banana trees are used to produce some kind of meal.

Candy time

The driver of an approaching car is a friend of Iede and Vince, it is father Renatus. We will meet him a few times again during our journey. We stop for a moment to meet him. We have some candies and biscuits in the car. We hand out the sweets and biscuits to some children that came running in. There's almost a struggle. Everyone wants to get some sweets of course. Then it's time to move on.
At 7.30 p.m. we leave the (paved) road and continue on a path of red sand. It's completely dark at this moment. We will reach Dadim, completely shaken up.

Warm welcome in Dadim

At 8.00 p.m. we arrive in Dadim. A lot of people are waiting for us. We shake hands with all of them. The kids that rushed up to us carry our luggage into the missionary post.
Sister Collette and sister Jo-Anne welcome us with some drinks and popcorn. We rest a little and talk about the trip. Tonight we get a very good diner. The table is filled with salad, potatoes, lentils, spinache, tomatoes, chicken and more... We enjoy the diner immensely. For dessert there is some fresh pudding with fresh fruit. After a cup of coffee or cup of tea, it is time to go to bed at 11 p.m. It was a long trip, but with such a warm welcome it is absolutely worth the while!

Walking at the Lake Langano resort.Walking at the Lake Langano resort.
Lake Langano.Lake Langano.
Relaxing before leaving.Relaxing before leaving.
Along the wayAlong the way
Along the wayAlong the way
The monkeys in Awasa.The monkeys in Awasa.
A drink in Awasa.A drink in Awasa.
Lunch in Awasa.Lunch in Awasa.
A church in DillaA church in Dilla
Along the wayAlong the way
Along the wayAlong the way
Along the wayAlong the way
Handing out the sweetsHanding out the sweets
Little boy.Little boy.