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Jacqueline & Janneke are walking the Nijmeegse vierdaagse collecting money for
the Abba Toon Leus school in Dharrito (see:

Our visit: a journey with a mission

Saturday October 20th: Amsterdam - Addis Abeba


Today, we all got up early to go to Schiphol. After a cup of coffee, a sandwich and a malaria pill, we passed security at 9.45 a.m.. The plane leaves the Dutch ground at 11.15 a.m..
After a stop over in Sudan, we arrive in Addis Abeba at 9.05 p.m.. It takes some time to pass customs, but we are all allowed to enter Ethiopia.

Addis Abeba

Father Iede, father Vince and father Philipe are waiting for us in the arrival lounge. On the way to the father's house we already see a lot of poverty in Addis Abeba.
In the fathers house we drink some Ethiopian beer and some soft drinks and talk about our first part of the journey. After this, we try to sleep. In the background we hear singing from the Orthodox Church.
In the plane.In the plane.
Ben and Jacqueline are happy that we arrived in Addis.Ben and Jacqueline are happy that we arrived in Addis.